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Can Legacy Media Do Gawker?

ThanksĀ  for the shout-out to Doug Fischer of Common Sense on Amy Gahran’s column on Poynter today. I too like the “Gawker Type” option and I think some of the legacy media are moving in the right direction with packages on stories – take the return of the Current journalists yesterday – the NYTimes had a “package” of options on the front page of the website today that included video, a slideshow, an audio-only explainer, a still photo and several links to the various stories. A user can opt for any or all – but isn’t stuck with just one way to get the info. I believe that what users want it the headline-plus — a way to see the gist of the story and options to get more. It is what legacy media can offer if only they would see the light!

Note how the NYTimes used this today:

NYTimes Korea pkg