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A professor’s good day

2013-10-18 07.53.17

This is the first week of spring semester classes at Northwest University. I love that I can say “spring semester” when many in the Seattle area are in “winter quarter” – it makes me feel a bit smug.

This term I teach a favorite course – Multimedia Principles – it is near and dear because it combines a lot of things I love. The students will learn about great sound-gathering, photojournalism, video and simply good story-telling. It’s just a blast.

But…the best thing on Tuesday afternoon? I sat at the instructor’s computer in our lab as I set up the projector, cued up sites and sorted my various lists. As I sat, the students wandered in and for the first time in 5 years at NU I knew everyone in that class. OK – there was one guy I didn’t know, but out of a class of twenty-five or so that is pretty great. They smiled and joked and hugged when they saw someone else  they knew. Granted, NU is small and the communication department is just a slice, but it made me smile and then laugh out loud as they convened as a class. I think I even whispered “all the cool kids are in this class” and one of my students just looked up and grinned.

Then I was able to say “wow, it’s so wonderful to see you all.” And along with that I said, “I love teaching this subject and we are going to have so much fun.” Being the journalism geek I am I also fawned over a book we are using (Photojournalism – Kobre). It is just gorgeous.

As this poster reads: Love what you do. 

I am one very happy professor.