Comm 3453-Mass Comm

How Do I Love Thee? – Gottlieb

What’s Wrong with Cinderella? – Orenstein

Facebook Grows Up – Levy

Generation M2 – KFF

Living Outside the Box – Teicher

Every Nook and Cranny – Ruskin & Schor

Importance of Bibliographies

Help for effective reading


Pop Culture Changes

Perez Hilton: Facts or Phalluses

Will the book survive

3-D Gaming is Waiting for its Avatar

Interpersonal Communication via the Web

The New Yorker-Brain Candy

Why Twitter Will Endure –

Breaking Up in a Digital Fishbowl –

Big Media/Big Business

McChesney & Nicols Big Media

Avatars in the Workplace – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

Global Communication Issues

Censuring China’s censors

Iran Cracks Down on Internet Expression, Bloggers, Journalists | PBS

Chinese bloggers run the gauntlet of forced registration, censorship

Future of Journalism/News

McChesney & Nichols – Journalism Brings Human Context to Local News Aggregation | PBS

The Seedy Side of the Web – Danger Out There?

Through His Webcam, a Boy Joins a Sordid Online World – New York Times

Frontline: Growing Up Online (watched in class – but more resources here)

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