Content Analysis for Multimedia – A Primer

sites for archiving (document with links to various archive tools)

PPT from Nicolas Taylor of Stanford Libraries

Sites for exercise in May 8, 2014 class – if things don’t seem to be working, try in a different browser.

  1. Brylee’s Wings (Deseret News)
  2. Batkid (SFGate)
  3. Earthscapes (SFGate)
  4. Surfschool (KVAL)
  5. Living Lonely (Deseret News)
  6. Even Unto Death (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
  7. Six Miles Out (Bangor Daily News)
  8. Profiles of a Warrior (USMC)

For more to check out: NPPA Multimedia Clip Contest – beware though, not all look like they fill even NPPA’s requirements for multimedia. It might take some digging.

Audio Slideshow
A series of photos accompanied by music or nat sound. May be produced by a single person, or a team.Video made expressly for the web. A news or feature video produced for the web. May be produced by either a single photojournalist, or a team.

Multimedia Project
A project by one or more people that includes multiple videos, audio slideshows or both. Flash interactive projects should also be entered in this category.

And even more can be found on ONA’s award site. Their 2013 rules are here – to give an idea of how a digital-centric organization is judging.


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