Workplace Communication Jason Fried – 37Signals

Video Venacular Howard Rheingold

The Machine is Us/ing Us – Michael Wesch

Why Media Consumers, not just Creators Need to be Active Users – Dan Gillmor (basic talk goes to 30 min – then questions from audience) For class you are only required to listen to the first :30.

Network Literacy Pt 1 : Network Literacy Pt 2 – Howard Rheingold

BBC’s Web for Beginners

Advise to Young Bloggers – Jay Rosen (NYU)

Future of the Internet & How to Stop It – Cerf, Zittrain, Lessig

…and then…The Web as Random Acts of Kindness – Jonathan Zittrain

Journalism Redefined – Jay Rosen (NYU)

Does Wikipedia Need Editors? Jay Rosen (NYU)

How to Gather Your News – Jay Rosen (NYU)

Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky

How Cellphones, Twitter and Facebook Can Make History – Clay Shirky

Anthropological Introduction to YouTube – Michael Wesch

Social Networks – Barry Wellman (this is a stream from UW) Wellman – @ U of Arkansas

My Friends/MySpace – (2008) Danah Boyd (she starts @ 06:51 or so — QA starts @ 47:00 – these are interesting!

Youth Generated Culture: Growing up in an Era of Social Media – (late 2009) Danah Boyd

Social Networks – David Pogue (NYTimes)

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